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Seamless Tube for Cylinder Barrel

Steel tube for cylinder barrels is a kind of cold drawn (and honed or skived&roller burnished) seamless tubes. Generally, we classify it as "ready to hone tubes" and "honed tubes".   Reayd to hone tubes are always with negative ID tolerance suitable for further honing or skiving&roller burnishing through cold drawing or deeo hole boring. While honed tubes are always with H8 or H9 tolerance and good roughness below Ra0.4um.  

Regular sizes of Steel tube for cylinder barrels:

Hydraulic cylinder Tube.jpg

Regular steel grades:

Hydraulic cylinder Tube1.jpg

Manufacture Method: Hydraulic Cold Drawing, Cold Rolling, Hot rolled+Deep Hole Boring 

Heat Treating Method/Delivery Condition:

Hydraulic cylinder Tube2.jpg

ID tolerance of honed tubes or skived&roller burnished tubes:

Hydraulic cylinder Tube3.jpg

Bore Roughness: 

Ra0.25um Max for Skived&roller burnished tubes. 

Ra0.25um Max or Ra0.35um Max for Honed tubes. 

Ready to honed tube is a kind of cold drawn tube or hot rolled+deep hole bored tube or even cold drawn+deep hole bored tube with ID suitable for further honing or skiving&roller burnishing,as it's ID tolerance is always negative comparing with finished size of cylinder barrel. ID tolerance can only be given by users,because ID tolerance is different depending on size of cylinder barrel, bore treatment method, and turning requirement. 

Honed tubes or skived&roller burnished tubes are made from ready to honed tubes to get smooth internal surface with roughness like Ra0.25um max or 0.4um max and precise ID with tolerance of H8 or H9. 

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