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Mechanical Tubing&Precision Tube

Mechanical Tubing and Precision Tubes can’t be distinguished exactly, but both can be ordered with sizes of OD&ID, OD&W.T or ID&W.T depending on the importance of dimension.

Size Range:

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Standard specifications and steel grades of mechanical tubings can be ASTM A519 SAE1010, SAE1020,SAE1026,SAE1035,SAE1045,SAE1519,SAE5124,SAE1541,SAE4130,SAE4140,SAE4145,SAE4340,SAE8620, BS 6323-4 CFS2,CFS3,CFS6,CFS7,CFS9.

Standard specifications and steel grades of precision tubes can be DIN 2391-2 ST35,ST45,ST52, EN 10305-1 E195,E235,E355,C35E,C45E,25CrMo4,42CrMo4.  

Heat Treating Method/Delivery Condition:

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