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1. Hydraulic Cold Drawing Bench:

We have 2 sets of hydraulic cold drawing bench and 3 sets of chain cold drawing bench that ensure us to manufacture cold drawn tubes with OD range from 60mm to 325mm and wall thickness of 50mm max. 

2. Deep Hole Boring Machine:

Deep hole boring can be used for both deep hole boring and skiving&roller burnishing. Deep hole robing is actually a procedure before honing or skiving&roller burnishing, and this procedure ensures the concentricity of bore thus always leads to perfect bore of tubes after honing or skiving&roller burnishing. 

Deep hole boring machine.png

3. Skiving&Roller Burnishing Machine:

We have 3 sets of skiving&roller burnishing machines and tubes with ID as follows can be skived&roller burnished:



 Automatic Cutting machine



ERW Steel Tube Production Facilities

We have 2 sets of ERW steel tube production line that enables us to manufacture (precision) ERW steel tubes from 8mm to 85mm in OD with wall thickness of 3.5mm max. 

ERW Mills

ERW Mill.jpg


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